Rabies-Dogs and Other Connections

I feel rather regretful that I’ve never encountered a time when rabies flourished. To be SUPER conducive, some countries have cleared rabies completely. Which makes us pretty inexperienced with diseases that come and go around on the streets, a.k.a dogs. Rabies is largely associated with dogs. Mainly because large amounts of dogs are carriers of the condition. I can only imagine what happens when rabies was on streets:

*Spots stray dog lumbering around aimlessly*

*Makes weird sounds to attract dog*

*Dog registers(after a while) that you’re calling it*

*Dog staggers over**White foam at the sides of mouth*

*’Is that spit? Or… Hmm… Nah.. Must be drool. Haha..(nervous laughter)’*

*Dog goes crazed and makes weird sounds, having seizures*

*’HOLY CRAP.’ RUUUNNNN!!!!* *Runs like a wild animal*

And I didn’t get to see or experience that kind of things. I should be thankful. But I’m complaining. Anyway, our mind registers things and associates it with another, hence, connection. But it’s just a stereotype. Or a simple way our mind uses to register the many crazed happenings of the world simultaneously. Just like how I associate bird carcasses to stubby little cats nearby, not all connections are really what they are. Take rabies for example. Almost all the animals can carry rabies. Not only dogs. And dead bird carcasses. The cats around could have tried to save it from rabid dogs?(Okay. Stop with rabid dogs, brain!) Well, I certainly hope they didn’t tear the bird’s tiny little throat out rabidly.

Ever since I was a child, books went with studious humans like my sister, not people like me, random, crazed, with a half working brain. Now, I think I was retarded(I still am). Books are universal which is cool and awesome. I read a lot(in my own statistics), you can check out my Goodreads. And I discovered ‘studious’ people I know have a distaste for reading which distances me from them. But, my sister is an exception. (You can go check out her Goodreads if you’d like to see constructive reviews. Check out my friend with the most books and it’s her!) I do stupidly useless reviews that are either to casual or whatnot.

And because rabies is gone almost forever in some areas, it’s a pity for us living it those areas as we can’t experience that staggering fear every time a stray dog wanders up your path. Which, as I’ve indicated, makes us inexperienced. And I will suggest 3 ways to make us experienced:

  • Get VERY sick. (Make sure it’s curable)

Viruses such as ‘Swine Flu’ or H1N1 (if you’ve heard of it) is almost deadly which I don’t advise you to purposely contract it, lest you die. Dengue fever for warm climate countries is not advisable too. But just get a little fever once in a while. Maybe a serious one(that will not kill) once in a while. Build up the immune system for dire situations.

  • Pretend all dogs(stray or not) have rabies.

Play a game with your mind. Dodge all dogs on the street. And if one enters within the 5 meter radius of you, you’re rabid. Punishment: Run until you can’t run any more around your neighbourhood. Advice: Run like a mad dog. They run pretty fast and long. Train for the time you really have to run away from a rabid dog ANIMAL.(STOP WITH DOGS BRAIN!!!)

  • Quarantine yourself.

This is pretty easy. Given that most of us are homebodies who slug away on computers or books. 3 days of quarantine would suffice.

While you’re at it, I think I’ll stumble around the neighbourhood finding dead bird carcasses and scrutinise nearby cats.




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