Into the Blogging Drain.

I chose WordPress instead of Blogger because it sounded professional, I must say blatantly, also I prefer blue to orange but that’s dumb too. Anyway, I found this button a few days after I started blogging which was called ‘Stats’. Very interesting, that button. I started blogging because I absolutely LOVE writing and well, to hone my writing skills, maybe? Well, I can say my experience up till now was intoxicating. Except for the fact that I didn’t know if ANYONE anyone at all, actually took a single glance at this little blog. To be very honest, I was insecure. Out there, thousands  millions of bloggers, all talented, master commanders of language, and I’m a bogger red blood cell against them. (I figured red blood cells had more effects than boggers which come in various sizes, mostly small.) I was worried I’d write things that offended, or things that made me sound tactless and well, tactless. And so I clicked the ‘Stats’ button. It’s a 2 digit number, my number of views, really small, but it made my mood lift so high I’m grinning madly at the computer screen. (Stop giving me weird faces, Mom.) I do have followers and as of now its only a handful but I am very grateful for each of them and everyone who gave a minute or so of their lives to check my little blog out. I cannot thank you all enough, (am I ranting? sorry, I’m rambling.) you made me actually want to continue this ‘blogging stint’, I will improve on my posts, if they are offending to you in any ways, please please please do inform me, I will remove/make necessary changes to cater to everyone. I really want to continue this blog so I’ll need some help at it, (you can help), constructive criticism are most welcome. I will add book reviews into my blogging line up, so look out for that if you’re interested. Lastly, lastly, again, thank you all so much, I will continue blogging,(it’s not a pain is it?) but I will not be setting any additional boundaries just because I know people are reading. I will be tactful, I will obey website rules, life rules, rules everywhere! I will write like usual, no extra posh or regal tone. (I do think I sound like a sailor)

I used a lot of ‘I’s and ‘will’s in this post. Well, I guess that’s what determination does to you. I feel like Nemo getting released back to the ocean and being unable to stop.(for Nemo, it’s because he’s finally going home. As for me, I think I’m coming home too.) It’s thrilling, this ride.


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