Reader’s Block

First off, sorry I missed a day for my regular two-day posts for those who noticed my absence! I was really tired and busy having just finish reading “Red Seas Under Red Skies”, the sequel to “The Lies of Locke Lamora”, both by Scott Lynch the clever bastard.I always take around a week or so for fantasy books like these, but RSURS took me 17 days which was because of a little pest called Reader;’s Block I got 200+ pages into the book. I stashed the review into my Good Reads as soon as I had the time(which is now) so you can check out my review in my Good Reads widget here in my blog.

On about this bugger called Reader’s Block. It actually happens when you don’t have the appetite to read anymore, and you don’t register any information if you do read. Complex as books are, (and confusing, not to mention), I got stuck halfway in RSURS which made me pissed because I wanted to review it as soon as possible.

How it happens:

*reads book.* “Hmm… Interesting. Oh. What.”

*Multiple information thrown out*

*slowly goes through paragraph again and again*

*eyes glazes away unconsciously, mind blocks information from entering.*

“What?” *asks book*

*book refuses to answer because, well, book.*

*eyes slide over paragraph*

“I’m tired”*sleeps*

*wakes up, forgets about book because you don’t feel like reading again.*

*individual results vary

How to conquer this bloody beast:

Stop reading for the moment. Reason being, if you force read, it’s pretty much like force feeding yourself when you’re not hungry at all. Which is tiring and annoying because nothing is transpiring in your mind. Settle all your other matters, get enough sleep, off the air-conditioner in your room. It’s going to take at least 2 days to pass and you still need rest. I’m just hardcore reading books.

How to avoid contracting this stupid annoying block:

Do not read excessively. One book at a time. I have 3 currently reading books and it’s because I couldn’t bear to read on the other books. They either were hard to understand or draggy. It’s a very bad practice and I advise everyone against it. Read for an hour or so, (if you can stop, I don’t.) and then sleep. (this life is awesome, trust me)

Why you shouldn’t have this block:

It really makes you more lazy and more tired of books which makes me feel like a horrible person because my sister went for Camp NANOWRIMO and she told me how hard it was to write a book. If you really want a reason to stop reading books, just lay off them, don’t get this kind of things. It makes you tired all the time. Tired when you just picked up a book, tired halfway through a chapter, tired when exciting parts appear.

I’m reading another book right after RSURS, it’s bad, I know, but the sequel is amazing as of now. I haven’t got another block, which makes me tremendously happy. I ought to really stop trying to eat when I’m reading. Skittles are fine, but snacks? This block turned me into a monster.


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