I honestly do not know how to begin this post, but…

Hey guys! (really exclaims) I have been CRAZY busy, I wanted to share so many things, (topics like being a nice person amongst pissed and annoying/ed people, crazy OCD-like (maybe OCD but,) impulses, or my crazy reading climate change, or accidentally deleting a book review on GoodReads) Which pretty much makes now suck because time is a great d**k-b*tt. I won’t have time to blog about newer things, things in the happening in my life in time to come, probably past happenings which makes me sad. So I’m going to rewrite my history, and condense all(maybe not all) 4 subjects mentioned above in this blog post which is late 2 days or so.

Being a nice person LIVING with crazy-annoying/ed-bad tempered-loud-insensitive people. (actually living. as in staying almost forever.):

This is not about me. At least the ‘nice’ part. It’s more about my brother-a year older- and how he actually(sadly) lives with us-his family members. We’re not what you call an accommodating family or an affectionate I’m-going-to-hug-you-when-you-look-sad kind. We are more of the “NO.Do it yourself, comfort yourself, because we are head-strong and hard. We are not weak.” kind. My brother, is a, let’s just say, playful(understatement), fun-loving(all the “just do it” spirit), not easy to anger(if you’re not his younger sister, me.), loyal and maybe somewhat peace-loving. So, the rest of us are:

  • easily angered
  • easily annoyed
  • bad-tempered

which puts him in a pretty big disadvantage. First off, he likes to make funny(if not insulting) digs at us. Which leads to several scenarios from the everyone laughs to shouting. The latter provides humiliation, embarrassment and guilt to the joker. And he goes to a sort of cocoon stage where he quietly sits or he tries to laugh it off. Which makes me feel even more guilty if I made him sad. He also, (I’m not sure if it’s a disadvantage, it’s probably not) cannot stand us persuadingĀ him to tell off his friends if they offended him. He’d refuse, then regret telling us about it, because he doesn’t want to lose his friends who have good-naturedly joked about him or something.(at least I think it’s in good nature. Plus he doesn’t really want to cause trouble.) Hence, from this case study I now conclude nice people are very unfortunate if they live amongst opposites of them.

Crazy OCD-like impulses:

This is sort of a short continuation of my post, The Art of OCD, and it’s all about these little impulses you get that feels like OCD. For example, do you have moments reading a book and if someone calls you, “COME AND SIT YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW.” and you’re in between a chapter-no wait, 7 more pages. Shit. “Wait. A few more pages! It’s gonna finish, I swear!”. Or, in your wallet, arranging the notes. “Biggest is this. He goes behind. Hey little guy, come up front! The rest of you best be arranged accordingly.” Yes. I’m not sure about whether it’s OCD, but I know they happen almost everyday.

Reading Climate Change:

Recently in this year, I haven’t really read a YA book.(1. I checked) I’ve been occupied with General Fiction and Literature Novels. So after all the good books I’ve been getting with the books, I wanted more. More Literature, more this, more that. Visiting the book store made me travel to the YA section after discovering the absent need to buy any more books from the adult section. New books had come, of course, but I stood there, sinking all of the sight, smell, presence and it all did nothing to me. It used to do wonders. I’d travel amongst racks and racks of books, and I’d pick a thing or two to check out, but I stood there and nothing appealed to me any more. I felt sad. It was a loss. Being a YA myself, it’s so sad when I can’t bear to pick a book for my age. But I think(hope) it’s just a small climate change for my reading type, and I’m currently reading a YA book(finally!).

Deleting a book review on GoodReads:

All I want to start with is: F**k you. I spent an hour of my life writing the review on Red Seas Under Red Skies and you screwed things up, adding another of the same book, I tried to delete it then BOOM. REVIEW GONE. It got my so frustrated and I wanted to cry so bad because I spent time and effort on. the. review. GoodReads, if you have some sort of correspondent reading this: please improve on this part. Add maybe a backup. Like: We have found a deleted review, would you like to retrieve it? I really want to cry now.

So, hey hey! Look! All 4 topics in a post, I’m so proud of myself. Now I have to type the freakishly long review again, I’m really going to cry. I can’t emphasize how frustrated and worried and sad I am now. It’s past midnight and I can’t sleep well.



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