Writing the Styles

I got off books for a day, so I’m free now. I travelled to blogs everywhere and I found the writing styles ranging from horribly careless(I’m sorry) to sophisticated in-depth. And me? I’m in between. Again. My writing style is casual, (as if I’m talking in real life) but (I hope) not too careless. I read a blog by a 15-year-old and I MUST say, it was terrific! Very emotional, reaches out to you, relatable, most and best of all, she gets her points through beautifully. I have also(god I’m a stalker) read a 31 year old’s blog and it was yet again even more spectacular. Both of these blogs lean towards the deeply sophisticated and the blog by the older woman was very very good. It told her points, her stories in a literary form, poems, symbolism and play references. It was a joy to read(I check it every day whoops). So, here are the types (going down the scale of my bias-ness of them)and their description:

Literately Deep

These people are wonders. They write as if writing a book and they never cease to bore you. You can imagine what they are thinking of when they describe a place and you understand how they feel all the time.

Book Reviewing, Discussion

If you don’t have a passion for books, stay away from these blogs. These blogs are marvellous at telling how good this book is and what’s happening in the book scene. I particularly enjoy these blogs. (Most of them make me laugh at times)And I can relate to these people easily which is a plus point.

Casual Life Stories

Sometimes reading an overly posh blog make it feel unnatural. With all the BIG words you have to open a new tab and search for the meanings, they are turn offs. So, to talk about your life, these blogs offer a casual tone and experiences of their lives which make their blogs a funny roller coaster downwards(because most of them talk about their not-turning-out-fine lives). They really make you laugh with their similes and metaphors.

I’m not too sure, but if I’m following your blog you should be one of these and well, I followed because I enjoy reading posts from your blog.

Type(s) of writing I am not fond of:(I’m sorry!)

Posh Smart “Sophisticated”

NO. These are maybe one of the worse. For example: Normal: “I was so shocked and sad. I did not understand why I had to be banned from Skittles.” Theirs: “I was flabbergasted and sorrowful. My mind could not transpire the information of the ban imposed on my rainbow sweets of joy.” or something.(It maybe a little exaggerated but well, hyperboles.) They throw BIG words here and there and it makes their sentences sound structured and unnatural. And sometimes, you don’t get it.

I’m not going to rant about the many more types I hate because I promised a rant-free blog, so that’s it then.

As I leave this tab of my infant post to be published, I stare woefully at the piercing blue of the architecture that retains the liquid of life. It reminds me of the statement of indebtedness I had not replied to, for it is the same saturation of the structure. Alas! I shall be inoperative and withdraw to the door to recompense my debt.

(What did I just type, damn. I don’t have a bill to pay but I’m looking at my dad’s water bill.)



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