How To Train Your Dragon 2-A Movie Review


When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace.

This. Movie. Destroyed. Me.

Oh god, how can something like this make me cry like a… like a something!(I’m 14 so I can’t really say much.) I can’t even talk properly.

Me before going in the cinema:

“Oh YAY! Finally! I can’t wait! Fidgets nervously”

In the cinema:

*Ends are tingling**stupid wide grin*


*Smiles like a maniac because it’s so sweet oh god*


“Oh my fucking god.”

*cries silently because my brother and sisters are beside me*

*stops crying. tries to wipe tears un-obviously*

*finishes the wiping.*

*cries again*

*chokes on tears and sobs*


*eyes swollen, tired*


So, I have officially joined the fandom, I’m prepared for all the feels I’m going to get from the 3rd movie in 2016.

Oh right. Back to HTTYD2.

Protagonist: Hiccup(He got Neville-Longbottomed.)

Antagonist: Drago

The setting of Berk and the islands around was amazing to show a sort of utopia with dragons. I grew up knowing about dragons(having a dragon for the Chinese zodiac) and I always loved them/wanted them because I wanted a friend. Well, fuck. Anyways, Hiccup’s friendship with Toothless makes you cry. I did anyway. You can see how Toothless’ll instinctively jump in to save Hiccup and how Hiccup’s only thought after a disaster is Toothless. The bond is there, we can see, we can feel, and it’s the bond that breaks us in the end. The relationship of Hiccup and Astrid isn’t very emphasized in this, only occasional cheek-kisses(OTP!!!). When you live with the characters, amongst dragons, you really, really feel what they feel: companionship, family, friendship, love,loyalty,that punches you in the gut.

The care the Vikings of Berk has for the dragons is visual. You can see this concerned look on their faces, their dragon or not. They serve the dragons, the dragons serve them to protect each kind. And when you see these colourful little dragons everywhere, you feel all light, free, happy, most of all, like you belonged.

The plot is really really thrilling, heart-wrecking, feels-filled. Please bring tissue paper if not you’ll be wiping your snot on your sleeve.(I didn’t! I almost did) I have to warn you, go alone. So you can just cry in there. Because really. You’ll cry.

I loved this, I loved it’s prequel, I love the fandom. This series/fandom is something you should follow, this movie makes you understand(kids don’t, honestly. It’s a little dark), makes you know. Know how it’s like to save one another, how you should do it.

(Oh god guys, I really loved this, I can’t express how much I do, I love this movie so much, I love it. Also, it’s the first animated movie I watched and freaking sobbed like a baby.)

Footnote: PLEASE PLEASE go watch it! It’s freaking AMAZING, I can’t say much because it’s just beautiful on it’s own, go to the nearest cinema and watch it.

My rating:




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