Things That Made Me A Few Things

I decided to have a post, where I tell you guys about things that made me something. For example(I can feel puzzled looks): book that made me pissed. Or, genres that make me disgusted. You get the gist. So, YAY. Let’s begin:

The Book That Made Me Cry For The First Time

Awh, come on. Admit it. This book destroyed you and your childhood. This series is legendary. This book is legendary(not my favourite though, I don’t have a favourite). J.K Rowling is our Queen. I’m not sure if anyone’s not read/seen it, so I’ll just say. My favourite characters were Fred and George. So it happened.

The Book That Made Me Frustrated At It’s Bad Writing

Wasteland by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan

This book. Is horrible. (sorry) The writing was bad, the plot was not exactly engaging, it was cliché, it was messed up, it was bad. I got very angry and frustrated, I got it new at the library, I really hated this book. If you liked it, I’m sorry, this is my opinion.

The Book Series(other than Harry Potter) That Made Me Want To Punch A Wall

Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness(that clever bastard)(Those covers are beautiful)

I swear if I had the chance to meet Patrick Ness, I’ll hit him. He destroyed my teenager heart. These books follow a teenager. Awh! So normal and YA. NOT. These books, are so dark, so deep, you freaking DIE. And the way he ended the last book, he really deserves my punch. There’s a 3.5 book but I CAN’T FIND IT. This series is really good, Patrick Ness is an awesome writer but he kicks you in the gut all the time. Check these books out! (you can read other Nesses like More Than This or A Monster Calls)

The Movie That Made My Expectations For Such Movies Go Down

I liked the books, the concept, so I rushed to the cinema when it came out. I wish I never wasted my precious money. This movie was badly done. It was vague, the plot points in the book were cut off, the setting was not very good, the whole thing was rushed. Uergh.

The Movie That Made Me Cry

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Review

This. Movie. Is. The. Best. Ever. I love it so much, it made me feel so many things, it made me cry, this is GOLD. HTTYD fandom pride, Dragon Rider’s pride. The first movie was AWESOME too.

The Book That Made Me Understand(On Its Own)

This book is a literature must have. The main themes are woven carefully into the everyday lives of Jem and Scout, and you don’t realise unless you read between the lines. A must-read. (5 STARS!!)

The Book That Made Me Want To Read It, But Turned Out To Be A Disappointment From What I Expected

Everyone RAVED about this book. Said it was Green’s best. So I picked it up and expected a sad story I could cry to. Nope. Not SO good. The starting was very rushed, Hazel and Gus had too much of a genius brain, the death was handled too nonchalantly,(Gus died 8 weeks after his pre-funeral) not enough connection. I couldn’t feel much of their connection which made this book just okay.(No pun intended!)

The Series That Made Me Want More

Who in the RIGHT mind doesn’t love Sherlock? The 3 series made me this:

*screams like a gollum*

I need more of Sherlock and John brotp. But I do love Once Upon A Time:

so this part is a little conflicted.

The Movie That Made Me Run To The Cinema To Watch Alone With My Jacket

(Damn. This fan-made poster is even nicer than the original)
Yes. I ran to the nearest cinema alone because no one wanted to watch it and I wanted to watch it immediately. I know. It’s embarrassing. But it’s not a waste of money! This movie is at least a 4 star!

The Movie That Made Me Sleep Through When I Was A Retarded Child

Watching it now, I can’t believe I always slept through this movie when I was a wee kid(5-8 years). This movie is awesome, it’s one of my favourites(I love animated movies) and I’m stupid for always thinking it was boring. God. I’m really brainless. This is a classic, a legend. (5 STARS!!!)

There. All done! Took me an hour or so because well, I felt like posting. You guys can do your own “Things That Made Me A Few Things” it’s fun, and well, fun. (Do tag me if you do! I’d really much want to see yours!) I really can’t believe I always slept through Finding Nemo. I’m really an idiot.





2 thoughts on “Things That Made Me A Few Things

  1. How to Train Your Dragon 2 made me cry as well! Ohh my gosh my poor beating heart. I was really disappointed with The Fault in Our Stars too, I found it so ‘meh’ and there were so many problems I had with it. I recently read To Kill a Mockingbird and fell in love with it. I also just bought the Chaos Walking Trilogy so I hope I like it as much as you did. Great picks! 🙂

    • Hello fellow Earthling! I find our similarities are jarringly similar(if that makes sense!) But YES. I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!! (I’M FANGIRLING NOW OKAY) To Kill A Mocking Bird is a classic best. Trust me, with those similarities there, you’re sure to LOVE the Chaos Walking Trilogy. HAVE GREAT FUN!!!!! 😀

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