I Like Things Perfect.

Heya friends! So, recently, I had an assignment to do a movie review. I’m not sure if any of you’ve seen my HTTYD2 movie review, but it wasn’t assignment worthy.(plus, it was so biased. I’m in love with that movie and you want me to critically comment on it?! NO.) Yes. So the movie I got was Finding Nemo, which I am going to be biased to again because it was fantastic.

This assignment, being a Literature assignment, needed me to point things out that relate to Literature. Which I have a problem with-I need it to be PERFECT. Which sucks because in Literature, nothing can be perfect when you’re a 14-year-old who really love Literature and does things to perfection which means you over do it.

Help Me.

“The following is your Literature assignment. Do a movie review on any of the movies in the list below. Your review must be on paper in at least 200 words”

Me: *does notes, points to include in Microsoft Word*

*halfway through POINTS,mind you, like “Nemo defective fin” kind.*

*checks word count: 360*


I honestly don’t know how do I point out the protagonist, antagonists, foil, examples, settings, characters’ lesson, character’s goal, how it would affect the audience, blablabla in a short way so that I wouldn’t look to desperate.

I am a perfectionist.

I like perfect.

I don’t like sloppy.

I like Literature.

I have to score.

What is wrong with me?!

And another problem is that movie reviews, are they meant to be personal? or do you say what the movie used?
I think I will die crying. I would not Google, because I feel like if I did, it wouldn’t be entirely MY review, and it’s cheating. Now I’m staring at the points I so viciously typed in the past hours and I think they wouldn’t work. Because come’n movie reviews are personal.(I think) You just go there and say you liked the fact that Marlin set out on a journey to find protection and family but he got to learn and know about friendship, trust and loss. And the fact that he treated Dory like his own, calling her Nemo, but saying the same things he did to Nemo,”You can’t do it!” which later he TRUSTS Dory because he had to give in once in a while. And you liked the fact that Crush and Squirt were examples of how a father and son should be, trusting each other, carefree, unrestricted, and fun-loving. Or how you don’t like Darla’s disturbing psychopathic streak, how she looks demented to put that point through.

I don’t even know. I want to continue doing Literature and I am worried that if I did badly for assignments like this, I’d drown all my chances of ever doing Literature ever again.

So, I really do like things perfect.


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