Sorry, This Post Is About The World Cup

So, World Cup is here! I’m honestly quite bored when English Premier Leagues come out, and I don’t support any team because I don’t understand the whole rational

of that, BUT. World Cup is different. My brother asked me “Why do you care so much this World Cup?”. Well, for one thing, I grew a brain since the last World Cup which I didn’t give a damn (okay, maybe a little) about. I don’t know if any of you probably decide against reading it because it’s about World Cup and not like books or anything else I always blog about. Anyway, since 2010 (when I had half a brain), I support Brazil.

1. Not because they had players like Neymar or whatever.
2. I just had this connection.
3. Okay, I like their groove. (Hahaha)

But this year, I followed World Cup (I even drew a whole chart for it) despite it being shown at 12 am/4 am here where I live. (I don’t watch all) And I can’t even express this feeling but-

I don’t want ¬†Netherlands to win so bad(sorry Netherlands supporters). But they’re terrifyingly good, and they beat Brazil the previous World Cup. Now with Neymar out(dear God, sweet Lord, save Brazil and that man), Brazil’s chance of winning is so bleak. First thing, Germany is hard as rock, they’re almost as good(maybe better!) and they’re just BOOM you know. IF Brazil were to win Germany, their next contender wouldn’t be easy. Argentina has Messi and Netherlands has Netherlands. They’d probably stop at 3rd place or 4th. Not that I don’t have faith in the team I’m supporting, but it’s just so tiny, the chances.

And Neymar. Jeez. Did you guys see the hit? And the screaming? Well, it was painful.(looked the part) He’s super good a player, with 4 goals already, and one hit, he’s out. I don’t blame the Colombian, but really. The back? Why not the hand, or his butt or somewhere that wouldn’t stop his performance. This whole World Cup should be renamed “Attack Neymar Cup” because everyone does that. And now he’s out of World Cup, Brazil is just there.

The video Neymar released was depressing because he just tried to comfort himself instead of us, saying his dream is not over, that he believes Brazil can be champions. And it was his dream to play in the finals you god damned ass. He was just one match away and now he has to wait 4 MORE YEARS, and we’re not even sure if they can make it to the finals in the next one.

I really hope Brazil can win, it’s been years since they did, and I hope even if they can’t win this World Cup, they can win the next.(and Neymar has to play in the finals because it’s depressing he couldn’t!) I’m just going to make all of you roll your eyes at my weird support for Brazil. *Leaves you with a Brazil flag*



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