Everyone Has Their Favourite Flower… What’s Yours?

Everyone has a special connection to a specific species of flowers, whether because they have a special meaning to you, or their general meaning just relates to you, we all prefer a type of flower over the rest. Flowers are just these animate things(not literally, but alive!) that lights up your life or just delight you. OH, and flowers tell a lot about you. For example, let’s say you love red roses. This could mean that you either love the all classic and vintage feel, or, you just love the romance red brings out and the love roses signify. I have a favourite flower too! Let me tell you all about it.

My favourite flower is of an ivory hue, slightly bronze but as light as an elephant’s tusk. Like the tusk, ivory is fresh, undying and it tells the story of nature. The innards of the flowers, the inner petals near the stigma and all, are shaped like a rose’s. The classic rose radiates beauty, a virtue so much fought over. The outermost petals are shape almost like maple leaves. Autumn has always been my favourite, and maple leaves signify autumn! Well, most of the time.(I do love winter too). The stem is dark grey, a canvas for your ideas, your thoughts. Most importantly, the stem will never look bad with your scribbling and painting. And lastly, the leaves. Small as they are, they’re the most delicate looking thing you have ever seen. Wispy and fragile-shaped, you feel that they would break the minute you gently lay your fingers on it. But the leaves are hard, strong, sturdy, beautiful. The veins are so carefully crafted they tell a story of their own. Coloured like the midnight green, the leaves sustains the flowers life, sustains itself and most of all sustains our imagination.

Lastly, my flower, the one that holds so much meaning, so much of me, is fictional.


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