The Conflict

Admit it, we all love reading. Our little community of minorities are bound in a way unimaginable and almost impissible! I don’t know half of the people on, let’s say, Tumblr, but I feel this underlying and deep connection we have that seems lost on reality friends.

And this HUGE conflict:of not being able to respond or understand and under-stand your reality subjects very well(unlike the online community),confuses so many of us and makes us just so lost and unfitting in society.

In my case, I have a hard time understanding some “first-world” problems of my friends, and I obviously would be the last person they’d look for for advice. All I am to them is a drain tube- someone you can spill everything to and it wouldn’t get out. And I can only notice little things like body language to understand them more as a person.(which makes me very creepy, my friend pointed out)

As for my online community, WordPress or Tumblr, I can understand this person I follow through their writing, the way they lay their emotions out, whether it’s professionally or raw and human. The words we curn out are all from the heart, some going through the mind for checking, and the meaning of those words, bombastic or simple, are there, and the way you build your sentences tells so much about you.

Book-lovers can all be found here, on WordPress, which makes life easy because this is a blogging site, and words are eminent. I would not say that I feel connected to ALL users I follow, but mainly the ones who are similar to me, or I can relate to. The little similarities allows us to understand this person more, because we know how it is.

Back in reality, I have nothing in common with anyone I frequently communicate with. I can’t talk a lot with them, and I can’t apply all the warmth and genuineness to them. And I get outcasted sometimes because I can’t fit well or relate with them.

Words are these beautiful creations you can’t fault, for they tell stories-stories for comfort, stories for the wandering.


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