The Tale of Despereaux- A Book Review


Here, reader, is the tale of a tiny, sickly mouse with unusually large ears; a mouse who takes his fate into his own hands.
It is the tale of a beautiful, flaxen-haired princess, who laughs often and makes everything around her seem brighter.
It is the tale of a poor deaf serving girl, who entertains foolish dreams of splendour.
It is a tale of impossible love, of bravery and old-fashioned courage.
And, reader, it is a tale of treachery; unlimited treachery.
It is the tale of Despereaux…

Details of book:

Paperback, 270 pages
Published 2004 by Walker Books (first published January 1st 2003)
Original Title:
The Tale of Despereaux
Literary Awards<click here for the link to the book’sGoodreads! This book has tons of awards!>

I might just be rusty at blogging, staying away from it for almost a month or two. Uergh. I did, however, keep reading because it was really convenient and I just had to connect myself to the literary world everyday. So, I picked this little book up from my box(shelves are too mainstream) of newly purchased/untouched books and went on to read it. Now, just let me tell you how amazing this book is, from the carefully drawn pictures to the heart warming tales it tells.
The first thing I realised about the book was the cover. Awh, come on. The little mouse in the front is really adorable! Also, the back summary I included above as the blurb was intriguing and it just draws you into the story, convinces you to involve yourself as the audience of a story-teller. This book has much values to instil in children, the meaning of empathy, the pursuits of love and the danger of courage. Beautiful drawings are also included which made the whole experience more meaningful and lasting. The main point of this book was to emphasize how light is always better than dark, how light is always there, somewhere. I liked how the author introduced us to the story, how she hoped this book would be our light in a world so dark. Using a mouse as the protagonist helped a lot. We sympathised with his problems, because we are the cause of them, we know that they face such problems. For example, mice and rats are always mixed up. Rats are always dirty and we say they carry diseases all the time. Mice, on the other hand, are less gross, but not many people understand the difference, therefore they alienate mice too. Another problem of Despereaux I could greatly sympathise with was his size. Despereaux is a wee thing. I am rather small. Being small has an advantage yet a bigger disadvantage. (There are so many big people things you cannot do! Like height limits at theme parks.) Though making Despereaux small emphasized how tiny he is in the world, how even aware of this, he strives to complete a quest almost as big as the world. The fact of it, that his dream was the size of the world, was his light in the dark, warms you heart and you’d have that strange feeling(of sadness, maybe) all over. When you read this as a child, or have been read to, you’re lucky. The beauty of the tales will touch your heart that it will stay with you almost forever. Reading it as an adult, however, brings you back to those days when you were a child, curious about the world, curious about the dark. And, to be very honest, this book taught me the meaning of empathy. I had not known the real meaning. I thought it was simply being sympathetic. Please, if you have a child, read this book to him or her, it really helps their development. Hell, this book makes me want to have a kid I can read this story to.
There is a movie adaptation too. But I have to say, it wasn’t as good as the book itself. The events were very messed up and if you hadn’t read the book, you’d be confused.

Baby Despereaux was adorable though!

I really, really recommend everyone to read this book. You will enjoy it as I did, and it will touch your heart right in the deepest of places.
My COVER Rating:
My OVERALL Rating:


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