It just feels so surreal and strange to use the same title for my post as an essay I did at the first half of this whirlwind year. Oh do not ask why I did an essay on “Promises”. (though the answer was simply because I had to, it was an exam) The topic on promises has so many outcomes, whether fictional or non fiction, but they all land on the same floor: broken promises. Why, why is talking about all the past regrets, betrayals, guilt so intriguing and interesting that people want to read, listen about it? Take for instance, The Fault in Our Stars:

“Some people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them.”

True, huh. Promises are so easy to make, even more so to break. Promises deceive, lets the receiver live in a wonderful lie that they do not think is an illusion. Also, promises heal. Promises give light to a person shrouded by dark, gives them a slice of light they can cling on too. Promises give hope, though hope is a coin, and two sides, a coin has. Hope. Hope is weakness. Hope is power. Hope is weakness when we give into it. We feel, oh, maybe, it will happen. Let us sit and wait. Hope is power when we act upon it. A rush of adrenaline and a course of determination to make that tiny hope work, and you are off, off to your greatest wishes promises grant. You promise, because you know you can achieve that task for someone, you never promise just so you make someone happy for a brief period, before they are hit back by the ricochet of a broken promise.

Straying from a promise(it all boils down to me, promising to post daily after my exams, and I broke that promise.) is as easy as straying from a healthy diet, and let me tell you, straying from a healthy diet is easier than breathing. Trust me, do not ever try to go on a healthy diet. Within two hours, I was down on my second packet or Oreos. Talk about healthy! I’m off to exercise now, burn off all these Oreos so I kind of still keep my promise. I hope. Uergh, hope.


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