The Beginning of My Reading Love Story

“The fact that many people detest reading tells us that they have not picked up that one book that allows them to embark on their lifelong reading love story.”

That’s my saying whenever I see my friends scrunching up their noses at books. Well, how do I know that we have to pick that one book? I used to hate reading. Not a lot though, I just did not want to spend my time reading, though I pawed away at the old fairy tale book at night. My fairy tale book was certainly one of the helping hands books that led me to my reading love, but. It did not make me want to read more. I repeatedly read all the same stories, again and again. That was last time.


Holidays are stupid if you do not have anything to do. Trust me. So I slugged around the house, being an annoying little 11-year-old I was, whining about how tragic my situation was, how I had no friends to go out with, or a book to read. I guess I got pretty darn annoying, because my oldest sister handed me her Harry Potter book and asked if I would like to read it. Harry Potter, eh. Hmmmm, maybe I can finally find out what’s the buzz around these books. Okay, fine. I shut up and took the book. And let me tell you, dear readers, I took one FULL day to finish that book. And I demanded for the next. It kept going on like this until I caught up with my sister, she had not read her Half Blood Prince, and I wanted to read it. So, in desperation, I rushed to the library for days. Days, mind you, sitting by the ROW shelf, waiting for the new batch of books to come rolling in. And, I found it. Soon after I finished the Harry Potter series, I was hooked. Hooked to reading, hooked to finding out what’s next to an adventure, hooked, for an adventure. The library soon became my turf, I visited it and borrowed from it more than anyone should, really.


My love story continued. There was an important exam that year. 2012. I did not, give a shit. I should have, let me tell you from regret. I read and read, days spent revising and studying were used for reading. Non stop. I could not stop anyway. My mom would shout at me, you read too much! I was tune her out, dive deeper into my story. I was really, addicted. It was really crazy. And so, I flunked(okay, I did not fail, but by Asian-parent standard, I did.) my important exam.


My reading was finally put to the test, or to use. I went to secondary school, or middle school(USA). Where all the 13 year olds to the 16 year olds study before an even more important exams called the ‘O’ Levels(we follow the Brits) arrive. Oh, I forgot to tell you. In my primary school year,(7-12 years old) my command of English, was terrible. God, you should have seen the essays I wrote for exams. It was a little embarrassing, but I slowly improved after I started reading in 2011(slowly improved as in from a C to around a low A or a high-ish B). Anyway, 2013, I would be 13. In my new school, we studied English Literature. It was awesome. Whenever the bell rung for the lesson before Lit, everyone would deflate or sigh, bored and tired for what was ahead. Though it was a little crazed, but I would grin and be alive when that bell rings. We were doing Bridge to Terabithia, and it was amazing. My whole experience was electrifying and I loved every second of it. 2013 was also my reading boom year, when I read around 80 books in the whole year, which means, I also, did not give a shit about exams. Still, I did not do THAT bad.


I started giving a shit this year. About my studies. On a normal basis? Nah, it was because there was an exercise called streaming, when you choose the subjects you want to do for the very important ‘O’ Levels(remember?). So I was on a mean study streak. Also, I started a blog. Which is where you are on. Study and blogging, I had not much time to read. I only read around 24 books this year, but it’s okay. Also, I aimed to study Literature for ‘O’ Levels, which meant I had to do well to get it. We analysed plays, movies, books, everything! I loved it so much, it fired up my love for reading more. I was an unstoppable force.(at least that’s what I like to think) So, I studied like hell for exams like English, History, Literature, Math, okay, everything. And I got satisfactory results. Though I did not really have to study for Literature, reading books are already considered studying for Literature because they open your Lit Eye to analysing and noticing. I chose to study Literature next year onwards, and when I told my Dad about Literature, he scoffed at me. So much for respecting my decision.

All these developed from that one touch of the Harry Potter book. What does this tell you, dearest readers? If you even hate the thought of reading, think again. Out there, there is this one book, which will change the course of your life, like it did to mine. Before, I was going on the path of visual arts. Though I cannot say Literature is a better path, but I loved Art, let me tell you. I loved it so much, and everyone said I had a talent. When I changed my course to Literature, I could tell my parents were very disappointed. Why throw away your talent for something you’re not even good at? I wondered too. I regretted taking Literature. But as I type this, and reminisce about my reading love story, I know. I know that Literature is what I want. Art can be my hobby. Literature will be my life. All after a touch of a one special book to me.

Find yours, dear reader, if you haven’t already. 

If you like, you could share with me the one book that started your reading journey. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Beginning of My Reading Love Story

  1. What an awesome and heartwarming story! I can’t even imagine how it’s possible to hate reading. What is there to hate about stepping foot into another world and living a fantastic adventure? But I suppose it’s as you say–first you have to find that one special book in order to fall so deeply and madly in love.

    I really can’t think of what my special book was. Our house was always full of books so I learned to read early, early on. But I think the books that first truly inspired me and led me to be the writer I am now are the Unicorns of Balinor series. I still remember them fondly and think they’re the reason I am who I am today 🙂

    • Every time I haul an 800 page book to school for reading, people think I’m mad. They just hate having to spend so much time buried in the pages of a book. Oh well, I used to too. The journey looked so intimidating and time consuming, I’d given up even before I tried! 😦 I searched up the Unicorns of Balinor and I must say, they look pretty interesting. (Oh no!)
      Which makes me happy to hear they were your stepping stones to becoming such an awesome and fun writer!(yes, I’ve been on your blog hehehe 😉 )

      • Which is a shame, because 800 page books are the best! Those books (UoB) meant the world to me when I was younger. I owned the whole set. I wish I still did though ’cause now they’re no longer being published and my library doesn’t have them. I wanna read them again for nostalgia, you know? But thank you, I appreciate it 😀

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