Book Garage Sale Adventure V1.0

Book garage sales are these luck trials. You go for one, and you test your luck, to see if you can chance upon, maybe, a new book, or a book that would soon become a favourite, in the midst of once-loved books. So, me, being one adventurous reader, CHANCED (oh, trust me, I literally chanced upon one seconds after complaining about buying books) upon a garage(okay, not a garage, it was in a mall)somewhat like garage sale of books. The books were selling at one for $5, and the proceeds would go to a newspaper pocket-money fund. I gave it a try. Why not? You get an amazing item(in this case, a book) and you also help someone in the process.

Unfortunately, my friend was with me, and I felt like a burden the whole time, because I burnt more than an hour of our time together browsing through every single book. I checked the spines and the colour of the pages, conditions of the cover and whatnot. Most of the books were well-kept, only the broken spines made me really unsettled to the point that I cringed. Some were terribly kept, tattered to the point of vaporizing in your hands.

And so, my adventure(or hunt) began for the perfect garage book I would check out. Which ended up to a few phone calls to my sister on what books we had or did not have, and an impulse book. Meaning, this garage sale like sale did not go as perfectly as I planned, because of the small choice of books available. I grabbed The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga and the third book of the Percy Jackson series because we only had the first two. Talk about not perfect! At least they were cheap, or I would probably have left. 😐

More on the place I reside in, where I found that sale: Singapore, Asia. Singapore is a first class city. Which means there is hardly any garage sales. Or even none at all. Hence, I have never been to one. Until that somewhat misadventure. Books here are crazily over priced, the basic Harry Potter books being around SGD 22.09(USD 17.67, Canadian Dollar 20.17, Sterling 10.69), also saying that most of us here are poor and can’t afford a library, hence, the many public libraries dotting the country.

I believe, though, that garage sales are very important in building a community spirit, in this case, a reading community in your neighbourhood. Walk down the street and find out your neighbour loves Harry Potter and is selling his once-loved HP book, you would feel so connected suddenly. And when you are holding that little tattered book in your hands at home, does it feel surreal? What if you sold one of your books and the buyer feels like this? You’re holding a piece of someone’s soul in the form of around 200 pages of thin, cheap paper. Or that you removed, gave away part of your soul to a complete stranger? I really need more garage sales to go to, I’m itching for a cheap book haul and more horcruxes in the form of books. 😉

Just a tiny question, are books over at your country expensive? I need to plan my next travel destination with an empty luggage. 😦




5 thoughts on “Book Garage Sale Adventure V1.0

  1. I love used book sales! It’s amazing the deals you can find, but that makes it waaay too easy to spend all my money. So I try to avoid them at all costs if I don’t have extra money at the time 😛

    It’s pretty awesome buying used books though. I love seeing handwritten notes like “To _____, with love” in the front covers, or seeing dog ears, and realizing that someone else went on this adventure before you. Someone else felt something while reading this book. Like you say, there’s a part of someone’s soul in that book. It’s humbling.

    But to answer your question, books are expensive where I live too, easily $20CAD for a brand new paperback, and up to $25CAD for hardback. But there are tons of second-hand book stores (I’m amazed there can be so many and they all stay in business!) that usually offer generously discounted prices.

    • Yes! Now I’m agreeing with everything you said. Handwritten notes in books are especially sweet, unless they are math notes(my sister found a book scribbled through with math. uergh.). And, like you pointed out, it will make you realise someone went on the same adventure as you! Which makes it all feel strange and WOW! Though the thing you have to watch out in used books, my friend, is booger. I cannot simply understand why people clean their fingers of nose waste on the pages of their own book! Why?! 😦 It is especially disgusting if the pages stick together.(I hope you are not eating as you read this) Also, my sister has encountered a booger with hair stuck in a library book. *shivers* Well, it looks like Canada is also a hard place to live in when your love is books! When I finally have money for books, I’ll head over to and order their books. They have free shipping and discounts!! 😀 Check them out if you haven’t already, they save lives. Well, at least my life. 🙂

      • A book covered in math notes? Yikes :S NOOOOOO! Haha that made me burst out laughing but yes, boogers are the worst! I usually try to pretend it’s just glue… someone was just doing an arts and craft project and it’s just glue sticking the pages together. Needless to say, it doesn’t work 😛 Eugggh, with a hair in it? Ah this is a nasty conversation XD Oh wow, I’ve never heard of, I’ll definitely be looking at that! Thanks for the tip 😀

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOO!!! You cannot think that it’s glue! That is the worst ever lie you could tell yourself! (sorry for the many exclamations, but this conversation is making me crack up real hard!!) You are very much welcome for the tip! 🙂 We, readers need all the help we can get for our reading addiction! 😉

      • Hahaha this conversation has declined quite rapidly into ridiculousness! Oh, the many-layered joys of reading used books. It really tells you what kind of people share the same reading interests as you 😛 But yeah, I need some way to make my wallet feel okay when I’m compulsively collecting more and more and more books!

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