Hiya! Disappearing suddenly without proper explanation was uncalled for. I swear. I spent my days away in Venice, Florence, Siena, Pisa and now, Paris. But let me tell you, out of these places, the one I absolutely fell in love with at first sight, and stay, was Venice. Venice was so beautiful, I couldn’t and didn’t even have the right words for it when I arrived. The waters were crystal green, alive. Sloshing and moving along all the time, even now, in winter. The architecture of the whole place was, to be very exact, frozen in time, lost in time. Streets weaved in and out of each other, intertwined by bridges with the most special of names. Stores after stores had their walls lined with masks, masks for the masquerade. It was so spectacular, beautiful and mystical. Venice was the city oblivious to time. Romance novels would work really well set in Venice, and, dear lord, if coupled with the annual masquerade, the novel would be damn well gold. Though I’m not sure if such a novel exists already. St. Marco square had a flood when I was there, and it just added to the city’s beauty. Planks were laid out, and tourists laughed and bounched their way through the water. I have pictures, but it’ll be a separate post. Sorry once again for going off, and now when I read my words, they all seem strangely limp and ugly.


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