Writing in Europe

Paris metros are great fun! Um, at least the first few days. Writing, or typing, on the metro is a great challenge. For one thing, you have to stand, there aren’t a lot of seats, and for another, you hardly have inspiration in the stuffy cabin. Why the hell would you type on the metro?!!! You want to slap me in the head because that’s really retarded. Why? Because you hardly have time in Paris! All the free time I had was spent in the metro. So I typed. Fast paced, Paris is. Switzerland, on the other hand, is so beautiful and ideas are all bursting and dripping from their bare tree trunks, it was a pleasure to write in this country. Which means, on the long train rides where you have seats, so it wasn’t so bad if you ask me. Switzerland is one of the best places I’ve visited, because the views were simply breathtaking and their drinks here are AMAZING. Especially their specialty, milk. Italy, on the other hand, I didn’t even write anything there! It was all, rush or you miss this, rush or you waste this trip. It was nice there, but hells! The rushing!

Paris is home to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore which is practically a working antique/museum.

I forced my mom to go there and threatened to go there no matter what, alone and all. Uergh. What has books done to me. No matter, no matter, the trip there was so worth it. The store was practically breathing life, breathing many lives in fact. In books. I spent over an hour there browsing and the whole setting gave you so many ideas and made your whole bookish mind fangirl. Inside every book, there was the Shakespeare and Co. official stamp which set my heart flying. It was so amazing! *bookish mind internally fangirls again* I recommend, my dear readers, you to go to Shakespeare and Co. first thing in Paris. You can ask me for directions!

Have you been to Europe? đŸ™‚


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