The partially prudent exact-in-between is a girl of age 16, who has inconclusive results every time, be it a personality quiz or a IQ quiz(I either get smart or retarded. I’d go for the latter though). Partial prudence describes her, sometimes rash, sometimes thoughtful(It’s a 1:1 ratio respectively, I’m not even kidding). Exact in between is what she really is. Between conflicting personalities of ISFP and INFP, she doesn’t know which she is, up till now. She’ll post rather irregularly(ONE MONTH ONCE. GOD BLESS.), for she has school to think about, which sucks. She loves writing long stories, because she loves to develop from scratch, a small foreshadow woven into the text and she loves fairytales.

The exact in between hopes you enjoy her posts which will NOT have rantings.(ERRRR I’m not sure if I will accidentally slip but SORRY IN ADVANCE!!) She assures you. And that she is very grateful for you to spend the time to visit her blog. She is of different fandoms, and some information are related to posts, which she doesn’t wish to dwell on some things a few wouldn’t understand, wasting their time which she does not wish to.

The exact in between is from Gryffindor, Harry Potter fandom(Harry Potter OBSESSED, no buts). Between(again) Dauntless(Brave and kind of reckless) and Amity(kind and peace-loving, see the conflict?) (and Erudite) for Divergent(which she isn’t really in the fandom, she just enjoys their sorting concept). She is also very involved in the Sherlock BBC fandom(If you don’t like Sherlock after watching it, she doesn’t know what to say, but respect will be given. *you’re missing out!*), as well as Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon, and ABC’s Once Upon A Time(apart from not really superb CGI, this series is addictive), she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES World Cup-she supports Brasilia(second is Argentina). She is addicted to Tumblr, just so you know. (OH MY GOD THIS PARAGRAPH I CRINGE. but I’m just going to casually add that I LOVE SUPERNATURAL.)

*pops in* A little more about myself! (in point form):

  • I have take a strange liking to the smell of books. (old or new)
  • I love movies, but I go for Disney or Pixar(NO! Dreamworks!) (just as long as it’s animated) ones.
  • I like whales, but I think I’ll be quite overwhelmed when beside one and panic and probably die.
  • I hate frogs and insects.
  • I have a phobia of ghosts. (more in Being Afraid.)
  • I had my first experience of Reader’s Slumber/Reader’s Block in 2014 for a couple of days, around a week, it was depressing, I live on reading so it was really really terrible.
  • I have General Anxiety Disorder.

oh god. I just realised how very important this page is. If anything, I’ll continue to edit it to perfection. (yes, I do that)

UERGH READING THIS LIKE 2 YEARS AFTER I FIRST WROTE IT IS SO CRINGE-WORTHY!!!!! I’M YELLING!!!!! I only changed the age but OH GOD!!! Please forgive me.


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